3D Modelling, Scanning and Printing with Year 6

I’ve been trialling a 5 week program with the wonderful, energetic year 6 students from Kimberley Park State School over the past few weeks.  The students learnt the basics of 3D printing technologies, learnt how to use 3D model repositories, learnt 3D scanning and basic 3D modelling.

2016-08-26 14.19.44

Using TinkerCAD and Thingiverse, students learnt how to download, upload and edit existing files.  They also get the chance to have their model 3D printed for them to keep.

2016-08-19 14.57.57

Some of the students who finished early also created little beasts.  I’m not meant to have favourites, but this unicorn-chicken is pretty good.

2016-08-26 14.34.21

Here’s a few of the students creations and 3D scans.  Next time, the students will get a chance to learn some sculpting techniques using Meshmixer and edit a 3D model of themselves to add armour, shark fins and whatever takes their fancy.