3DP Makes // August

I’m really excited to show off these little custom designed, 3D printed house keyrings.

When you push the button on the base of the house, a little light turns on.   When you look closely, you can see a tiny table and chairs and an ‘SH’ for ‘Share House’ up on the back wall.  The circuit inside is pretty simple, just a coin cell battery with an LED bent at the right angles.  These were custom designed for the Share House Theatre Company as gifts to give to participating actors starring in their shows.  They’ve got some great shows coming up, check out their facebook page and support some of the local Brisbane talent.

I’ve continued my research into recycling waste 3D printer plastic, and have found that silicon molds work a treat for casting the plastic into new shapes.  The gold and transparent filaments provide some really nice effects in these blocks.

Here are some recent 3D scans from a workshop.  Got some great poses here!

I made some layer-change feature planters for some tiny succulents.

I’m slowly inching closer to finishing off the ironman helmet!

I’m starting to get really inspired by the possibilities with flexible filaments – tune in next time to see what I’ve been working on!