3DP Makes // FEB

It’s been another busy month of 3D printing in Feb!  I’ve been working on a few new projects.

I’m making a Mark III full Iron Man helmet as a demo piece to show 3D printing finishes and integrated electronics.  Here’s where I’m at so far!  I’ve been using a combination of primer filler, lightweight body filler and lots of sanding to reach a smooth finish.  More updates on this project to follow.

I’ve also made up my own version of the highly popular hairy lion print with purple to gold colour change.  This prints with realistic style ‘fur’ which is strung out from the body and held up by a sacrificial bridge.

Once the bridge is removed, you can hit the fur with a dose of heat gun and achieve this effect.

I was really inspired by the ‘hairy’ technique and began to design my own fur models.  This is a pendant, and I tried the boiling water as an alternative to the heat gun to see what effect is achieved.

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The boiling water does the trick, but with much more of a rough, windblown effect.

Last month I mentioned I 3D printed a wallet!  I’m still using it, and it hasn’t come apart!  It’s pretty tough.

If you think of anything cool you’d like me to try, shoot me an email at steph@piper3dp.com