Review: Apocalypse Chow

After seeing the Soylent project last year, I’ve always admired the idea behind powdered foods:  All you’d ever nutritionally need, without missing anything or going over your dietary intake.  Such a cool concept for living in a food-rich world when we evolved for food-scarce scenarios. As I’m not committed enough to go out and buy READ MORE

What is Netflix and is it a big deal?

Last week, our household had the pleasure of experiencing our first door to door salesman – a Foxtel representative.   Aside from asking my room mate if he could speak to her parents (hilarious) we politely declined a subscription.  Interestingly, he was offering a monthly Foxtel subscription (the minimum ‘Entertainment Pack’) at an all time READ MORE

Australian things to 3D Print

Fear not, Australian 3D printables exist amoung the vast ocean of American-specific household items. 1.  Powerpoint organiser:  Created out of a hate of fishing power cords from behind the washing machine and dryer. 2.  Power cord storage:   Wind up the leads and  tuck the end behind his arm, keeping everything neat.  Great idea from thingiverse user READ MORE