Australian things to 3D Print

Fear not, Australian 3D printables exist amoung the vast ocean of American-specific household items.

1.  Powerpoint organiser:  Created out of a hate of fishing power cords from behind the washing machine and dryer.

2015-03-10 15.28.16

2.  Power cord storage:   Wind up the leads and  tuck the end behind his arm, keeping everything neat.  Great idea from thingiverse user MichaelAtOz.


3.  Shopping trolley coin:  Chuck one on your keys and never be caught out on your weekly ALDI trip.



4.  Serrated Knife:  Just kidding, don’t print that.  That’s not a knife…  Created by thingiverse user runswithscissors.



5.  Coin Bottle Opener:  All you need is a 10c coin.  Created by thingiverse user EndevourCollegesAKeller.


6.  Sleek Geeks Dr Karl and Adam Spencer:  Show some love for Australian Science Communicators.  Created by thingiverse user oriface.


7.  Boat Person:  Half boat, half man.  Spread awareness – we need to stop the boat people.

Boat Person

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